Paediatric ENT

Management of hearing loss

 Hearing loss: commonest cause of hearing loss in children is acute otitis media causing fluid collection behind the ear drum. In most cases medication will cure this , but in some cases where this happens repeatedly a grommet or ventilation tube need to be inserted to prevent fluid collection.


Adenoid And Tonsillar Diseases

Adenoid and tonsils can regularly get inflamed in children during upper respiratory infection. They form the first line of defence against germs entering nose and mouth.
The general symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, blocked nasal airways, sinus or ear infections and even obstructive sleep apnea.

 Foreign  Body In Ear, Nose Or Throat

It is a tendency of the children to put some kind of object in the throat or nose or mouth. These objects can be swallowed or inhaled inside which might cause severe difficulty in swallowing, breathing and can even cause different types of infections.