Head & Neck Cancer

Oral Cavity Tumor Removal
Known as primary tumor resection the surgical procedure removes cancerous tissues from the inside of your mouth along with some healthy tissue around it. Removal of tissue in bulk would necessitate rebuilding the area by grafting healthy tissue from another part of the body.
Oral Cavity Reconstruction
The fundamental principle of oral cavity reconstruction is to replace the tissue removed with some tissue having identical properties. Skin grafting helps to address minor deficiencies during rebuilding but for repairing bigger defects, it is necessary to use vascularized tissue for achieving the goals of reconstruction.
 Removal Of Throat Tumor
Pharyngectomy is the name of the surgical procedure for removing a part of the throat (pharynx) or the entire throat. The procedure is mostly applicable for the treatment of cancers of the hypopharynx. Depending on the condition, the surgeon might even remove the larynx to ensure a successful surgery.
Robotic Cancer Surgery For Mouth / Thyroid Throat
TORS is a minimally invasive and unique surgical procedure and the surgeon’s assistant is a surgical robot as the doctor removes a tumor from inside the mouth and or throat. For accessing the deep interiors of the oral cavity, the surgeon uses retractors to open up the mouth. Visit our clinic and free to clarify about Cost of Robotic thyroidectomy in Bangalore