About Dr. Athira Ramakrishanan

Dr. Athira Ramakrishnan is an ENT Surgeon/Otorhinolaryngologist, primarily catering to Head and Neck Surgeries, with her key specialisation being Transoral Robotic Surgeries and related Oncology procedures, her specialisation couples with an overall experience spanning across 15 years, of which 10 years have been as a specialist. For the past 10 years, she has been working as Consultant ENT, head and neck surgery, with Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, conducting Transoral Robotic Surgeries.
Dr. Athira Ramakrishnan, obtained her medical qualifications from the countrys premier institutions. She graduated from JIPMER and also did her Postgraduate in ENT at PGIMER in 2006 with an excellent handson training in Ear surgeries, endoscopic surgeries and head and neck surgeries. Her area of expertise is endoscopic sinus surgeries, ear surgeries, thyroid and parathyroid surgeries, laryngeal and oral laser surgery and head and neck cancer surgery.
She was practicing as an ENT surgeon at St Johns Medical College Hospital Bangalore and later went on to train specifically in her special area of interest which is head and neck Oncology and Reconstruction. For the past 10 yrs after her basic training as an ENT surgeon she concentrated in her special field of interest and has acquired enough experience to manage patients through the difficult time of cancer treatment.
Dr Athira, has been trained in some of the best institutes in the country during her undergraduation and postgraduation. She discovered her special area of interest and went on to seek training in the field of head and neck surgery from one of the best and dedicated teams at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre which deals with head and neck cancer in the country. Equipped with this training, she has learned and still pursues to learn the multidisciplinary and team approach to deal with cancer.
She is trained to do a complete and adequate resection of cancer involving various sites in head and neck and manage these patients in the postoperative period. Besides which, she is also trained in Endoscopic skull base surgery and have performed endoscopic Tumour resection in nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. My training has given me insight not only to tumour extirpation, but also into postoperative rehabilitation. I am also trained in speech and swallowing rehabilitation which is routinely necessary in head and neck cancer treatments irrespective of whether surgical or non-surgical modality of treatment has been chosen. In past 2 years I have undergone training and received credentialing for Transoral Robotic Surgery and have independent performed robotic surgeries. Shen is passionate, to continue to work in the field of Head and Neck Surgery and do justice to my specialized training in this field.

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute Of Post Graduate Medical Educaton & Research MBBS
July 2000 – Dec 2005 Puducherry, India.
● Passed out with distinction in some subjects and at the first attempt in all subjects
● Underwent Rotatory clinical training in Emergency medicine, General surgery , General Medicine and Gynaecology
● 2 months peripheral posting at rural health Centre where managed emergencies, vaginal deliveries
● Executed disaster management and triaging as a part of Tsunami rescue in Tamil Nadu
● Completed 1yr rotatory internship in all clinical and paraclinical departments at JIPMER
Consultant ENT, Head & Neck surgery
Fortis Hospitals
2015 – Present Bangalore, India.
Trained in Robotic surgery at invites, Seoul Korea
Certified in Transoral Robotic surgery 2018 November.

Fellowship in Head & Neck Surgical Oncology
Mazumdar shaw cancer centre
Jan 2013 – Present Bangalore, India.

● Able to independently perform head and neck surgeries like thyroidectomy, parotidectomy, submandibular gland dissection, neck dissection, laryngectomy, laryngopharyngectomy, endoscopic assisted skull base surgery, craniofacial resection
● Able to perform complete enbloc resection of primary tumor in head and neck malignancies involving oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx, hypopharynx.
● Trained in preoperative counselling management, surgery and post operative rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients
● Involved in clinical research as a part of training programme
● Able to perform various head and neck resection and local, regional as well as free flap

Observership in Head & Neck Oncology
Mazumdar Shaw cancer centre
15th Sep 2011 – 15th Oct 2011 Bangalore, India.

Senior Residency – ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences
Nov 2009 – Jan 2013 . 3 years 3 months Bangalore, India.

● Trained Undergraduates in theoretical and clinical ENT as a part of senior resident post
● Trained Post graduates in DLO, DNB and MS programmes
● Independently performed ENT and Head and Neck surgeries including mastoidectomy, tympanoplasy, FESS, sphenoidotomy, submandibular gland dissection, medial maxillectomy, neck dissections, thyoidectomies
● Took care of patients pre and post operatively and participated in academic activities in the Department
● Co-guided thesis work of post graduate student
● Assisted in DNB training workshops, Continued Medical Education programmes

Junior Residency
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)
2006 – 2009 . 4 years Chandigarh, India.

● 6 months house surgeoncy at PGIMER , Chandigarh
● 3 yr Junior Residency at PGIMER Chandigarh
● Adept at taking care of patients preoperatively and post operatively as a part of clinical training programme
● Assisted >300 surgeries per year as a part of residential training
● independently performed >40 surgeries under supervision per year as a part of residential training including tympanoplasty, modified radical mastoidectomy, intact canal wall mastoidecomy, functional endoscopic sinus surgeries.
● Independently performed emergency ENT surgeries like tracheostomy, neck abscess drainage, debridement of sinonasal mucormycosis, partial maxillectomy, direct laryngoscopy, esophagoscopy, bronchoscopy, foreign body removal etc.
● Thesis entitled “Cortical mastoidectomy in surgery of tubotympanic disease. Are we overdoing it?”, published in The surgeon 2011 Feb 9(1), page no: 22-26.

Rotating Internship JIPMER Hospital
2004 – 2005 . 1 year Puducherry, India.