Video  Examination of  Nose

Nasal Obstruction Treatment
Anything that obstructs airflow in and out of the nose affecting any or both nasal passages would require Nasal Obstruction Treatment. The causes for obstruction might be many. Anatomical factors like nasal septum, nasal polyps, enlarged turbinates, tumors, and enlarged adenoids cause nasal congestion. Chronic sinusitis, sinusitis infection, allergic rhinitis, cold or flu, and some medications for hypertension can cause temporary nasal congestion. A thorough examination of the nose helps to diagnose the problem after which the doctor might advise the use of decongestants and topical nasal sprays to clear the blockage. The treatment is effective for temporary nasal congestion.
For treating anatomical nasal congestions, the doctor first physically examines the nose thoroughly to understand the exact cause of obstruction and then decides whether medication or surgery would be appropriate for treatment. Some medications are helpful for turbinate reduction. However, if necessary, the doctor would advise surgery for permanent removal of the obstruction to clear the nasal passage and ease the flow of air in and out of the nose. Dr. Ramakrishnan is an expert in Septoplasty and Endoscopic sinus surgery that can effectively clear nasal blockage and restore the normal breathing process through the nose.