ENT specialists are physicians trained to provide medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ears, nose and throat (ENT) and related problems affecting the head and neck. Otolaryngologists, or more commonly referred to as ENT physicians, diagnose, treat, and manage specialty-specific disorders as well as many primary care problems in both children and adults.
You can expect that your doctor will diagnose the ailment and suggest medical or surgical treatment. In case there are any other tests required, your doctor will device a descriptive diagnosis.
Nosebleeds can occur due to many reasons; the most common being changes in weather. Normally nose bleeds occur in hot, dry climates or bitter cold environments. Some of the other causes for nosebleeds are:
• Infection • Self-induced nose picking • Use of blood thinning medications • Excessive intake of Alcohol • Hypertension
Below mentioned are few conditions:
– Nose & Mouth conditions
• Sinusitis • Sinus Infection • Deviated Septum • Allergic Rhinitis • Nasal Fracture
– Ear & Hearing Conditions
• Ear Drainage • Age related hearing loss • Deafness • Tinnitus • Sudden Hearing Loss
– Throat Conditions
• Tonsils and Adenoids • Neck Cancer • GERD • Thyroid Nodules
Ear wax or cerumen is natural secretion of ear canal which lubricates the skin and keeps insects away. Sometimes excess wax formation can occur which blocks the ear and can cause hearing loss.
Ear wax need not be cleaned until unless it’s causing ear block, if excess formation of wax is there it should be dealt with wax solvent ear drops which liquify the wax and makes it come out. But if wax is dry and hard and is not coming out causing ear pain and blockade you may visit your ear doctor to get it cleaned
Suction cleaning is done without water to clear out dirt or pus from ear canal.
Usually it’s not painful, but if skin in the ear canal is inflamed it may be painful. Pain can be reduced with ear drops
If the ear lobe loop is too long or the ear ring pulls it down it needs repair
Ear ache, pus discharge from ear and pain on touching outer part of ear
Throat pain with fever is the most common symptom of tonsillitis
It’s more common in children as their antibody system of immunity is not yet developed. Each infection of the mouth or throat is addressed by tonsil Adenoid glands
Tonsillitis caused by bacteria called streptococcus is strep throat. It causes strawberry like looking tonsils with severe pain and fever
Coblator is a device which uses plasma to cut the tissue. This device can cut and stop bleeding ( coagulate ) at the same time. This device significantly reduces blood loss in tonsillectomy and Adenoid surgery and is associated with much less post surgery pain
Oral cavity cancer is very common in India where tobacco chewing is very common. If detected early these Tumor’s can be treated completely
If there is a tumor in the tonsil or back of the tongue, If the upper part of the voice box robotic surgery may be done to remove such tumors from inside the mouth without making a single cut in the skin of the face or neck. Robotic arms and camera can reach much deeper than conventional instruments and facilitate surgery in these sites.
• Voice change more than 2 weeks
• Any neck swelling which is not reducing in 10 days
• Any non healing ulcer in the mouth
• Difficulty in swallowing which is persistent
• Ear pain which is not going away after treatment
• Difficulty in breathing