Mouth cancer (sore treatment in bangalore

Dr. Athira Ramakrishanan is an ENT surgeon and otorhinolaryngologist who specializes in mouth cancer treatment in Bangalore with the assistance of her best team. Mouth cancer generally refers to cancer that develops in any of the parts that make up the oral cavity. Mouth cancer can occur on the lips, gums, tongue, inner lining of the cheeks, roof of the mouth, floor of the mouth, and under the tongue. Cancer that occurs inside the mouth is also called oral cancer or oral cavity cancer. Oral cavity cancer is mostly treated with surgical methods, but after detection, how chronic has it gone? To prevent the bad consequences, some symptoms can be noticed that lead the patient to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Some of the symptoms of mouth cancer are:

  1. Loose teeth
  2. Mouth pain
  3. Ear pain
  4. Difficulty or painful swallowing
  5. A white or radish patch on the inside of your mouth
  6. A lip or mouth sore that doesn’t heal

Whenever any person is witnessing these symptoms, one needs to consult a doctor immediately, and there comes the best assistance from Dr. Athira’s team, who can assist you morally as well as medically.

Do visit us for the best consultant as well as assistance for mouth cancer treatment in Bangalore. 

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