Dr. Athria Ramakrishnan (MBBS, MS-ENT, DNB- ENT) is a well-renowned Bangalore- based ENT Surgeon/ Otorhinolaryngologist with an experience of more than 15 years in her field. She and her best medical assistant offers you the best NASAL MASS SURGERY IN BANGALORE involves an intensive care surgery that is very critical as well as requires post-surgery care also. The NASAL TUMOUR EXCISION IN BANGALORE at Dr. Athira’s medical center includes MASS surgery to remove the tumor as well. A NASAL TUMOUR is basically a nose tumor that is an abnormal growth that begins inside your nasal cavity or paranasal sinuses. These tumors can be cancerous too. Some of the common symptoms of the Nasal tumor are Headache, Nosebleeds, watery eyes, NASAL congestion or sinus blockage, and Pain around the nose and eyes. The symptoms require urgent and quick medical care and the treatment includes NASAL MASS SURGERY & NASAL TUMOR EXCISION. The tumors can be cancerous too and require a precise healthcare provider to detect them at an early stage so that further risks can be reduced.

There’s no such way to prevent NASAL TUMORS altogether. But you can reduce your risk by avoiding risk factors like smoking and inhaling harmful fumes. If you work in an environment with harmful chemicals or substances, be sure to follow proper precautionary measures and wear appropriate protective equipment.

Dr. Athira Ramakrishnan provides the best NASAL MASS SURGERY IN BANGALORE & best NASAL TUMOR EXCISION IN BANGALORE to get you cured with the best medical team, with all Pre-surgery and Post- surgery procedures explained by us to you. We assure you the best medical team, depending on your situation and the amount of care you need from us.

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