Dr. Athira Ramakrishnan’s medical center intends to assure their patients with the best team of the well as other healthcare specialist is providing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Bangalore and with the best ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY COST IN BANGALORE. The endoscopic sinus surgery is a typical type of surgery that needs a minute procedure with good care and caution. Before performing this surgery, your surgeon might ask you some questions or can recommend some pointers that need to be followed up.

  1. Stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery. Smoking can make your sinus symptoms worse.


2. Don’t take aspirin for at least 9-12 days before your surgery. Even a small number of aspirin can increase how much you bleed during and after your surgery.


  1. Administering general anesthesia just before your surgery begins.


  1. And if your surgery involves general anesthesia, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your surgery.

Everyone’s situation is different, but most functional endoscopic surgeries last about two hours. It can take a few months before you feel as if you’re back to normal. Most people go back to school or work in a week or so and resume their normal routine within two weeks.

The Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Cost may vary from hospital- to hospital including various factors and severity of the condition.  We at Dr. Athira Ramakrishnan offer our patients the best cost as per the procedures involved in a hassle-free manner. The assurance from us will give you way better healthcare as well as post-surgery care also with the help of our expert healthcare team. Our priority is your health, the cost-effectiveness will give you a sense of satisfaction also from our side.

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